Roundtrip, always the same, everytime you generate it.. why?

Im a bit new, used this app for the last 2 weeks or so, every day, going on trips, mostly round trips.
I find when i select round trip, 100 km and starting from my home, and in direction i like to go, NE, it always makes the same trip, Every time… that’s no fun… i was thinking this app was here to make me new and interesting trips, never the same… was i wrong in thinking that?

Ohh and by the way, every trip i take, tons of “Residents only - Anlieger frei” roads, ive starting add them to OpenStreetMaps, but its a lot… ill hit at least 10 or more on every 100 km trip i make :confused:

I live, Germany, Dorsten… im Danish, i don’t read German that well… please reply in English


Round trips in app or website are generated similarly in server:
each time a “different” one based also on other routing options.

You use Kurviger routing in settings and have internet enabled?

Please write the start location, round trip options + all routing options,
so that community can check the report.

Change the parameters a little bit!

  • direction can be set in degrees
  • distance
  • start point
  • curviness

… and you can always add additional waypoints by yourself

Hey, Thanks, i have setting for routing like this… right?

Internet i dont see where to enable or disable this in the app?

here my route:

Thanks, i guss i must add waypoints to force it to change the route… (but then the hole idea of a round-trip generator, that can be used for make many different fun, trips, is out the window, then i might as well just sit a make my route my self :/)

Also its strange i cannot juist chage parts or delete parts i dont want from that generate route roundtrip…
click or H click on a part of the route, it should be able to change that part, can only add or extend… :confused:

Importing that round trip in app or website, then we can generate different round trips.
(it also has enabled the routing options: avoid motorways + avoid main roads)

Until round trip alternatives are exhausted to that direction and need to select another.
Or leave the direction free, change the fixed direction, change some routing option, etc.

A route consists of waypoints, you can add / remove waypoints to change route structure.