Round trips in miles are way off and probably calculated in km

I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger
My routes are calculated in miles. But when I calculate a round trip it is way off.
An example: a round trip of 80 miles has resulted in a calculated trip of 130 miles.
I think it calculates in km and not miles since 80 miles are around 130 km.
I have done the same with other routes and the results were similar.
Can the developers have a look at it.


An update on this one. The mobile app gives correct estimates of distances. The windows app however is by far off. In a 100 miles round trip it gave a result of 160 miles.


The distances can vary, the app and website use the same calculation, so probably it was just bad luck maybe? The distances depend on the area you are riding in. Some areas tend to have longer roundtrips.