Road Book Export Format Issue

I use Kurviger with mi/ft. When I export the Road Book, it displays the units in meters (at least column 2 and 3).

Description Distance Total Distance Duration Total Duration
⚐ Continue 0 0 0 0
Ⓥ The General Store Petersham 87978 87978 5636 5636
Ⓢ Readsboro General Store, VT 101536 189514 6593 12229
Ⓢ Dot’s Willmington, VT 26669 216184 1650 13879
Ⓢ Hogback Mountain Country Store 7769 223953 608 14487
Ⓢ Waypoint 5 97284 321237 8096 22583
⚑ Arrive at destination 72475 393712 4181 26764

Are the last two columns displayed in minutes? It might be useful to include the units in the table header.


The last two columns are in seconds.

Tip: If you import the table into Excel, you can convert the seconds into a time. To do this, divide the value by 86400 in a new column and format it in the user-defined format hh:mm:ss. In this way, 5636 s becomes 01:33:56.

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My bigger issues is the inconsitency when I switch from km/m to mi/ft under “Route Settings”.

The Turn instructions are correctly displayed in miles, but when I switch to the Road Book view, the first two columns are displayed in meters instead of miles.

Yes, I could convert the columns in miles and min or hours n Excel, but why was it not done in the first phase. I assume it was just an application bug.

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No this is actually intended. For the road book export we give you the raw values, so you can do your own calculations in Excel (for example add 10% more time, show time in hours or whatever you like). The road book should give you the ability do your own. If we preformat times like 01:23 or 1h 23min, it is harder to work with these in Excel.

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