Reverse route with divided highway

I have run into this quirky behavior a couple of times now. When reversing a route for route planning, if the original route has a shaping point on the correct side of a divided road or divided highway, the shaping point doesn’t cross over to the other side. When following the reversed route a set of instructions is given that turns the rider around on the divided highway so that they cross over the shaping point which is now on the wrong side of the road. Easy to fix AFTER you know that it has happened. Can Kurviger be made smart enough to know how to do that?

Phew, that sounds tricky to solve with an algorithm, maybe we can look into this in the future but I can’t promise anything. In the meantime might I suggest this workaround:

  • set a shaping point before and after the highway segment
  • set curviness to “fastest” in that segment
  • reverse route → voilà

Yes, I’m certain that would work. Sometimes, however, entrance ramps are used to gain access to divided roads and these are one-way also. For the times it has happened to me I know that the instructions make no sense for the route being followed. After I hear the crazy directions (I use spoken directions only) I am able to find and fix the problem when I get home. It is much different than accidentally placing a shaping point just off the route and having it tell you to turn at some point that makes no sense.