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Restore files from Trash

Is there a way to restore files from Trash

It depends on whether the files were simply deleted and sent to the recycle bin
or be permanently deleted (shift + delete).

In first case, just go with the file manager to the recycle bin and deleted files are there.

In second case, there are undelete tools per operating system (without any guarantee).

My question is more related to the web site trash and not on my computer. (Cloud Kurviger)

Where can I find a deleted file ? The deleted file goes not in my computer trash

Thanks for you help

Thanks for clarifying your question. A trash is something that we are still considering.

If you just deleted the route you might be able to still find the route in your browser history and could save at again as a new route. Right now, once you deleted a route, it is not easily restorable.

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