Recalculating issue in round-trip

I’ve noticed this now for some time when I am driving a generated round-trip.
If I have to make a detour or miss a turn-off the app starts recalculating which is nice and expected, except it completely disregards the first set route and recalculate a new rout eback to the start/finish instead of a way to return back on track.

Could you give us a sample route on which this happens? Do you have some waypoints set on your route to assist the algorithm a bit?

Please note that shaping points are internally allowed to be skipped, whereas waypoints are always seen as mandatory to be reached

There were no shaping points used and only 2 way points which both had been hit after the Calc failure.

After missing a turn after way point 2 the route recalculated back to the start/finish over the route I just drove.

Making it basically a return trip instead of a round trip.

I can’t upload the gpx but have the share link for said route.

In your example there are only two shaping points (marked black).
On round trips it is recommended to have at least one via point (marked blue).
Via points are mandatory, shaping points can be skipped.
Ideally you have a via point far away from your start/end.

That shared link is exactly what we need. Way more helpful than a gpx, because the link contains all the settings.

Another hint.
Use the avoidances sparse. Too many avoidances limit the algorithm to find good routes.