Re-use Open maps in App - Open Street Maps mitbenutzen in der App

Please think about the possibility to re-use already available open maps on the phone. For example I have already the app “Osmand” on the phone. It also uses Open Maps. So I wouldn’t have to waste memory having the same (?) maps to be downloaded to multiple apps. And open maps are not the smallest ones in size…

Bitte denkt mal darüber nach, ob es nicht möglich wäre, bereits vorhandene Open Street Maps mitzubenutzen, damit man die nicht separat für jede App runterladen muss. Habe sie z.B. bereits in der App “Osmand”, muss die gleichen (?) für offline-Benutzung in Kurviger nun nochmal runterladen. Verbrauche damit erneut einige GB an Speicherplatz ohne Mehrwert. Die Open Maps sind ja nicht gerade klein.

Those are different map formats usually designed for different map engines, so not much compatibility exists among them.

Not even if you as the user agreed (say by a pop-up for example) to using those maps as-is, including the caveat that their design may not be the best for the task?

The open source map library in the app does not support that format.
Someone has to contribute first a map reader for any extra formats. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lohnt es sich wirklich darüber nachzudenken?
Bei mir schlägt das südliche Mitteleuropa mit ~8 GB zu Buche - und eine 64 GB SDcard kostet ~10€ …

Is it really worth thinking about?
In my case, southern Central Europe is ~8 GB - and a 64 GB SDcard costs ~10€ …

When Android 10 features become mandatory everywhere, it will be difficult to use anything besides app’s own storage (details in the link):