RE: Thanks for spending time with us

I have been using Kurviger for planning for a long time and recently as a navigation system. I generally think both uses are very good. The only thing I find brilliant about DMD2 is the map display. The clearly visible different display of the road types simplifies planning and helps you choose the right roads when you are on the move. The towns are also easy to read. Is Kurviger planning to enable similar display in the near future?

Hello Max,
there are already numerous card variants to choose from, you may not have discovered this.


The mention of DMD2 leads me to assume that the handset display is meant here - and not the website.

Personally, I don’t think the layout of the DMD2 is very attractive:

Since I am also planning the ACT-PT (by the way, it is Day3 and not Day1) here is my screenshot:

(of course far away from my current location)

K3 also makes a good impression here: