Re-import of saved tour crashes

Unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON at position 72325

(Debug information, this helps us helping you, you can remove this if you don’t want to share this data, it should not contain any personal or sensitive information)
Device: LGE - LM-G810 - Android: 12 - WebView: 114.0.5735.196
App-Version: 3.1.0 - 1331
Screen: 412 x 857 px - 2.625dppx

Can you explain a bit more.

  • What steps have you done to save the route.
  • What program did you use for saving.
    Website or App. Which App Version?

Can you post the .kurviger file?

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I saved and imported from the app.

I am nit allowed to attach files? ( new users cannot … )


What did you import?

You tried to import an external route into the app? You tried to load a route from the Kurviger Cloud?

Please provide more and detailed information.

I have changed your trust level so that it is now possible for you to add attachments to posts.

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Tag3_Schwyz_Rundtour.kurviger (71.8 KB)

Für dich erst mal als Antwort.
Hab die Datei versucht auf der Webseite zu importieren.
Selber Fehler.
Somit nicht der Fehler der App oder Bedienung.
Details, was an der Datei kaputt ist, müssen die Profis rausfinden.

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K2 and also Cruiser import the route without errors.
So seems to be a problem of K3.

With what program have you saved the file?

The Website can not ! Not only K3.
That means the opperations in kurviger server have a Problem, or not?
Like i understood, other Apps don’t calculate or make Srver Operations with kurviger-files. They use the “Track” inside.

Import in K2 and export it again.
Now K3 can read the route.
Tag3_Schwyz_Rundtour-working.kurviger (58.8 KB)

K3 should also be able to import .kurviger files offline.

Did anybody read all the Text and think about ???

On the Website the smee Error! The same on the Website!

That means, Nothing special about K3 App!!!°!

And if the other Apps put in the Route without any calculation about Data, than it’s possible, that wrong data in the file doesen’t matter.
The programmer should take a look at the File and not at the App!

I did :stuck_out_tongue:
K3 and website are so similar, that I would be surprised if their code differs at all.
And yes, the programmers of K3 (Robin?) should take a look at the file, and see if the import code could be improved.
I did just provide a workaround to get a working route:

BTW, does read the file, and even gives a meaningfull error message what might be wrong with the original file. :+1:
Tag3_Schwyz_Rundtour-defect.kurviger (71.8 KB)


You are right, But most users do not now and then can be a bad Mindset about bad Android APP.
That’s the reason why i allways talked about that. The Server can not input this file!
But with this Message i can be true what i thought. Problems in the Prozess of export to import.

Yes, I checked the file, the content is indeed invalid.

It might be that an issue with Android overwriting might have created this issue.

I will see that improve this soon :+1:

Old thread about that (K2 related):

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It should now be possible to use these broken .kurviger files on the website again. It will work in the app as well with the next app update.

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