Re-directing whilst routing

Hi all!

I do not understand the following:

How do I make the app reroute me in case I leave the given route/routing?

It seems like it wants to bring me to a waypoint or bookmark I set previously, despite me driving around that on another (smaller) road.

Google maps - am I allowed to mention that? :wink: - picks up and reroutes as soon as I turn off a given route.

I hope I can make myself understood…:thinking:



Please have a look at the documentation:
Also available in German:

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I have read that before.
I think I have understood it right this minute! :grinning:
I’ll try it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH :exclamation::+1:t3::blush:

I do not get it :disappointed:

I drive by announcement, by the way, and just read the new (and excellent!) report on that topic.
I may find some useful info in that!

This morning I could not state whether

  • gps/navigation had lost me or
  • I had left the route.

Either way, I now figured out what annoyed me:
I had hoped that I would be rerouted automatically from any point when leaving the route.

I have heard the warning beep (“lost signal or left route?”) and waited to be rerouted - either back to the original route lost just before,
OR to a new (and equally “kurviger”!!!) route.

Gathered now that I hear the beep until I find original route myself, which I do not understand…

That is exactly what automatic recalculation is doing.

Setting | Navigation | recalculate during Navigation

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That is what I figured and tryed.

I’ll try again!!!

Can you make a Screenshot when beeing off route?

Is the app running in foreground wirh screen on, or is screen off?
In case of app running in background, search the forum for “don’t kill my app”!

Some Smartphone vendors have very agressive “power savings”