Question Speed DE:rural

I have a question about speed.

Test route:

In OSM maxspeed is tagged as DE:rural, what is fine from my point and would be 100 km/h (implicit maxspeed).

In Kurviger 80 km/h is used:

As Kurviger shows a value, the algorithm seems to know
“DE:rural” - but it seems 80 km/h is used instead of 100 km/h.


The speed limit varies locally, depending on road conditions, local conditions, etc

In this case, there is no sign for 80 km/h, but end of limit of 70 km/h (it is my local area), what means 100 km/h. It is at least, what I remember from my driving lessons. :thinking:

“Mein” TempoMaster zeigt brav 100 km/h (rechts oben) an der Stelle - nimmt auch die OSM-Daten, also DE:rural …

Aber vielleicht ist Kurviger ja nur der Zeit voraus? In Frankreich gilt ja bereits das Limit von 80 km/h (in Italien 90 km/h) - möglicherweise arbeitet man in Brüssel schon an einer Vereinheitlichung?