Pushing a Kurviger generated GPX into a TomTom400

Hi all,

I have a TomTom Rider 400 that I have not been using for years.
Now that I am currently unable to use kurviger on my phone due to phone battery charging problems, I was looking into a workaround which is : make a route in Kurviger and export it into my TomTom Rider 400 and follow the route there. (because I am able to charge the tomtom while being underway)

I have been trying this but it just doesnt work : Transferring a Route from Kurviger to a TomTom Rider Navigation Device [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

The problem is when I take the GPX file on my phone a do “share with bluetooth” it says on my phone “unsuccesfull”. I have tried 10 different androids app but to no avail.
I am certain that the TomTom and the phone are connected. The tomtom requires your phone to be a hotspot and bluetooth tethering enabled. The idea is that the tomtom gets traffic info from the phone 4G.(useless information on a motorbike … but ok …)

Also, you can do the “share” thing directly inside kurviger and select bluetooth, but also here “unsuccessfull”.

Does anybody know how to do this ?


I am not sure, but that might be the problem.
Have you tried to disable bluetooth tethering on the phone?

Than go to the Bluetooth settings, search for your TomTom Rider and connect it.

Hi Manfred,

I thought of that but the only way to have the tomtom say that it is conncected to your phone is with the hotsport/bluetooth tethering. There is also a message on the tomtom stating that this is mandatory. If you dont do it then the phone is paired, but not connected.

I read that sending files over bluetooth can be tricky and that you need a dedicated app that can deal with this. Therefore I tried most of the file sharing apps in the playstore but none of them work.


Hi Hans, I am doing this every week with my TomTom 410, so we should definitely be able to get this working for you!

First of all: have you opened the “My Routes” screen before transmitting? Only then will your TomTom make itself visible to BT File transfers

Secondly: I use this app, I know it is old and not maintained anymore, but I have not had a SINGLE bluetooth transmission error with it. Don’t know why, but this is the one I recommend

Furthermore: how does your screen on the phone look like when you select the device to send to? is the list of devices still refreshing? I have had the most success, when I click on the “my routes” on the TomTom and then immediately after that start the sending process


Hi Patrick,

I didn’t open the my routes screen … THANK YOU so much for the tip !! You are right it seems that opening the my routes screen on a tomtom is the only way to make the tomtom actually visible to another bluetooth device. From then on it is simple !
As for the bluetooth sender app, it works, but I also noticed that the “Files” app (native to android) also has this bluetooth send option and works also. When you open this it will always put the last created file on top, so that is easy to find the file you just exported from kurviger. (while on the road … the easier the better :slight_smile: )

Great !

What export options in Kurviger do you use ? It seems that GPX (offline) /Track/waypoints/ works best and gives the most identical copy on the tomtom map. (the TomTom map is not the same as the Kurviger map so I guess small differences do occur)

thanks again !

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Yeah isn’t it crazy they don’t tell you this more directly upfront? I was going nuts till I found that… But yeah there’s even a popup at the bottom when you open that screen

Yes, small differences definitely always occur. When I do a bigger trip in unknown lands I usually have two files prepared for each day / riding session, a GPX with Track and one GPX with Route. Then I usually load both on the device and start routing with the “Track” file. When there is a traffic jam or road closure upcoming I use the “Route” file. Also if I know I have lots of small roads coming in a day I will have Kurviger running on my phone in the tank bag as well, as a backup. When I’m driving around my hometown the “Track” file is usually enough.

Yes, you could call me overprepared… But I like it that way :smiley:

Waypoints I have not tested yet, really, can’t tell you if they help, you tell me when you tested both ways!

Also don’t forget to :heart: a post if it helped you :slight_smile:

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