Pressing enter in waypoint field does not submit form

Quick bug report:

when pressing enter in a form field of a waypoint the form should submit the data (and in this case trigger the search) but it does not. Tested in Firefox and Chrome

Two reasons why I feel like this is a bug and post it here as such:

  1. It works when selecting a suggestion from the dropdown (if I start typing “Berlin” for example and then select the city with the down arrow and then press enter, it submits)
  2. Looking at the code, the input field hast type=text set, which should auto-submit on enter, and the search button is inside the form tag and has type=submit. So I don’t even really see the bug you’re having, from a very quick glance… it should work

By the way… Why don’t we have a “bug-report” tag here in the forum?

Thanks for the report.

That’s actually something different - at least from a technical perspective it’s not a form submit :slight_smile:

The reason could be that it’s an autocomplete which could break how the browser handles the enter event. It would be interesting to find out though.

At first we had a bug report category here in the forum, but nobody used it, so we removed it. I think issue/problem should be enough or do you think a bug tag would further help?

Yeah I get that, I was just saying “it looks like you want this kind of behaviour to work, so I take that as evidence that it’s indeed a bug”

I don’t care, you have to decide for yourself if you can filter everything ok and maintain overview