Premium in beta

Beta is for trying ALL features before release, however, with the latest update lots of features have been blocked for non premium users! Because i’ll not pay for a not complete product, however i am down to testing a not complete product for free.


that’s why there are discounted conditions until the end of August. After that it will be more expensive.

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Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns Ihre Gedanken mitgeteilt haben.

Therefore you are free to choose another tool if Kurviger does not meet your expectations…

Honestly, who determines by when ALL features are ready developped? For me the planning tool as well as the K3 App does a great job already since more then 5000 km on the road. Nice curvy roads can be easily planned and even more important are navigated 1:1. Also modifications during navigation can be done within 5 minutes less destroying the complete planning - I know yet no other navigation tool with this capability.

If you order now the Tourer+ abo you get imho the best curvy motorcycle navigation tool for 20,- Euros for one year - if this is too expensive, you have to look for an alternative with the same capabilities at the same price.


Let me share a few thoughts on this.
What we have so far works flawlessly. This makes a beta obsolete.
I can understand that almost all here but still miss some features very much.
These are all announced and will come with time.
Until then, the guys have to pay rent and not wait for the check of the parents.
Therefore, I can only advertise for understanding for the termination of the beta.