Possible use of Pro on second phone

I have a second non-sim card Android phone that i use strictly for motorcycle navigation. I paid for the Pro upgrade on my primary cellphone. My Nav phone only displays the free version of Kurviger and does not give voice guidance.

Let me make this clear. This is not a transfer of an existing subscription to another phone as referenced in the docs. I need a parallel Pro subscription for the Nav phone.

I’m not trying to freeload, I like Kurviger enough that I didn’t mind spending another $10 to upgrade the Nav phone but when I go to the Google Store, it shows my existing subscription info but won’t let me upgrade the Nav phone.

What to do?

You can have as many devices you like, als long as you use the same google account
At least that’s the theory. The phone needs internet connection to verify subscription from time to time.
You may try to:

  • delete app data and cache
  • reinstall the app
  • update google services
  • check that you don’t have any ad-blocker or antivirus software installed.
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I have already the situation you described. I have my standard cell phone for daily use and two Ulefones for navigation (one for me and one for my wife). On the Ulefones I registered with my Google Account and can load all Kurviger Apps as I want less extra payment.

OK this worked. Thanks very much. To other users with the same problem… Read instructions very carefully. The key is to go to the Installed tab and switch to Uninstalled tab and that’s where I found both Kurviger and Kurviger Pro and enabled only Kurviger Pro.

Kurviger Pro is the old Version1 with one time payment - not available for new users anymore. (grey icon currently 1.14.28)
Kurviger is the current Version2 with subscription and additional features. (green icon currently 2.2.28)

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