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Poland-Slowakia-Austria 3500km

So here’s my summer vacation of 2021

Maybe you are wondering why I circumnavigated the Czech Republic so judiciously? I just wanted to explore the high Tatras with the fewest border crossings as possible, because of the unreliable situation with Corona. I did not want to get stuck at a border because some regulation happened to have changed suddenly. So: fewer border crossings = better

Here are some impressions:

In hindsight we probably should’ve spent less driving time in Poland (it is a VERY worthy goal for city trips and other tourist activities - if you read this please go visit Auschwitz it is incredible - just not for good motorcycle roads), 2-3 more days in Slovakia, and 2 more days in Austria, maybe including some of the more central alps and then taking the train from Villach or something, instead of spending 2 days to truck through Germany

I have quite a negative impression of Poland, it was super hard to find good routes, they have very few bypass roads for towns, cities seem to be built very “linearly” along the main road so you spend ages inside them, smaller roads are in quite bad shape, and views are often obstructed.

Slovakia on the other hand is completely breathtaking and a dream motorcycle destination, with friendly drivers, good signage, beautiful mountain areas etc.