POI to small and no possibility to block route for xx-km

Hi friends,

Good job with your new Kurviger app. But at the moment the old version is much better (and i use the old App allready).

The new app is missing two important things that were better solved in the old version, as i pointed out.

  1. The POI are much too small, even on a 6" display, they should be scalable with e.g. “Normal Size”, “Medium Size” and “Very Large” like in the your prev. App.

  2. An important function was the blocking of a route section, which is necessary from time to time. Unfortunately, this is not (yet) available in the current beta.

Hopefully these two things will be reinstalled shortly.

Thank you Stefan


Thanks for letting us know, we are already working on better visibility of the fuel station POIs. Blocking parts of the road is indeed planned for the future as well :slight_smile:.

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