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Hello, I am just new at the forum and still experimenting. I have searched the FAQ and with camping or caravaning but did not found I am looking for. POI gave me the closest hint. But still my question at the experienced. When I want to travel by mbike or my VWT5 I am looking for camping places or just caravan overnight stops. _ I like the kurviger also to use for the bulli as it is also to go slow roads - _ How do I find this easiest? Any advices? Thx so much. Knut

Thanks for the request. Currently there is no integration of campgrounds in the app. What you could try is to import GPX POI files. You could either use them as overlay or as bookmarks.

A good source for campground GPX files is this website. Be aware, that they have a lot of campgrounds, I would not recommend to import the whole file for Europe but only the country you need at a time.

We might include campgrounds in the future on Kurviger as well.


Hi, Knut - same here: I have also been using Kurviger for many years not only for our tours with the spider but also with our T4 Cali! :wave:t4:

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Kurviger 1.11.8 (Beta) contains extra points of interest for accommodation.

Though camp / caravan sites in OpenStreetMap depend on what users have reported in its database.

Kurviger 1.11.9 will show camp / caravan sites after next offline maps update.
(should work already with online maps, like Mapilion)

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