Paypal purchase declined


My english isn’t the best so bare with me.

I tried your trial of a week for the tourer plus. Now I want to buy it for the yearly fee. But for some reason my purchase using PayPal keeps declining. I don’t have one of the other purchase methods. I do have other subscriptions running and buy stuff with PayPal regularly. Could someone please help me? I’d really like to create and drive routes with your app.

Kind regards.

Could you clarify this for me. If you used the trial, you already have to sign up with some form of payment. How did you do this?

Are you on the app or website?

As far as I know I signed up using the mobile app. Does it make a difference?

I think I sorted it out. When I logged on into my PayPal account it stated that the connection between my Google account and PayPal was broken (for some reason). I deleted the form of payment in my Google account and recreated it and now everything is working fine again. Very strange, no other subscriptions were giving the error.

I already enjoyed the free trial and I’m ready for the payment. Could you guys change it to a paid subscription?

Kind regards.

Awesome, thanks for the update, probably this only showed up because the form of payment was actually used and Paypal sometimes breaks these links.

No worries, enjoy the free trial, everything is fine :slight_smile: