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PayPal / Kurviger - Update Payment Information email

I have received an email from Kurviger saying that my Tourer Yearly Subscription has been declined by PayPal. It then requests that I Update Payment Information.

A. Everything else with my PayPal account is working normally, including other subscriptions. It is only the Kurviger subscription that is apparently not working.

B. I want to be sure that the email from Kurviger, asking me to update my payment information is real and not a fishing hoax.

Thank you.

Hi Wapping, could you please DM @boldtrn the email-address that this was sent from (and maybe even a screenshot) so that we can investigate this further? Also, is there “Paddle” (our payment API) mentioned anywhere in the mail?

I am not well-versed in the emails that Kurviger itself can send regarding payment yet, cause I haven’t been a mod for long, but I promise that I will contact our creator and figure this out with him

Thanks for making sure everything is in order. I have looked into your account and can see that there have been two failing payment attempts. I don’t know the reason why it failed, maybe something changed at PayPal?

I will send you an URL where you can update your payment data as a DM.