Parse and display motorcycle specific speed limits in Germany

In Germany there are motorcycle specific speed limits. For example, on this road Way: ‪Hilgener Straße‬ (‪9702640‬) | OpenStreetMap cars can go 100kph but motorcycles are limited to 60kph.

See also Crackdown In Europe / Germany Has Speed Limits And Road Closures For Motorcycles - Adventure Rider.

I would like the routing algorithm to skip these roads and/or display it (like offroad or closures) when they are on the road.

In OpenStreetMap these road segments seem to be tagged with maxspeed:motorcycle:forward. Maybe Kurviger can pick this up and route around it and/or display this info when the route uses a road with this tag?

I couldn’t open up a topic in the “New Feature Suggestion” category, so I posted here, my apologies.

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I don’t know how well tagged these streets now are in OpenStreetMaps, but I’m sure a lot of Kurviger users would like to contribute to OSM for this :smile:.

Also, I went to Germany 2 weeks ago, and I encountered ~4 of these roads, so it’s not just 1 or 2 roads, they’re really “using” this new found power.

Austria has implemented several restrictions based on your vehicle’s official sound level, with a maximum of 95dB. This might also be a nice one to implement, but since I have a relatively quiet motorcycle I’m more concerned with the speed limits (which I consider to be dangerous due to the difference in speed with other traffic).

Die 95dB Strecken in Tirol werden bei der Planung schon korrekt angezeigt:
Link: Kurviger

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As mentioned by @Antonio.Gembrini 95db is shown on the map. Max speed is shown on the map as well, but we don’t have special highlights for roads with special motorcycle speed limits.

Kann man bei der Routenplanung Strassen sperren? In meinem Fall die Strassen, die in Österreich für Motorräder über 95 db gesperrt sind.


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