Paid Kurviger Tourer+ on March 30th 2024 but still I stuck on Kurviger Tourer

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Cookies Enabled: true
Screen: 1440 x 900 px - 2dppx

Are you signed in to the correct account? Maybe you have signed up for a Tourer and Tourer+ subscription with two different acounts?

Please have a look at our documentation and see if any of the mentioned solutions help: I can't access my Kurviger Tourer subscription [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

If not, please let us know.

Oh yes, I have only one account and I signed in with it. But, since today, trying again a log-in, the page works correctly and once logged-in the page shows me Kurviger Tourer+. So everything is ok, thanks and best regards.

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