Option to have zoom level stay on the map

I would like to suggest an option be added to allow the zoom level to stay on the map while navigating or following.

This is mainly to make it easier to note good minimum and maximum zoom values for your style of riding.

Thank you for a wonderful app Devemux.

Cheers, Wobbly :slight_smile:

You can disable auto zoom in navigation / following.
Or set the same min / max auto zoom levels.
(then the zoom level should be fixed)

sorry, that’s not what I meant

I’m not wanting to fix the zoom level, I actually want to see what the zoom level value is as I ride around - at the moment it only shows for a few seconds when I touch the screen.

You can show the zoom level at scale bar:
select “Advanced” in “Settings | Map | Map scale”.

(see the manual for more details)

excellent, thanks. I’ll give that a go.

thanks, can’t believe I missed that. perfect.

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