Optimize routing

Sarebbe bello poter ottimizzare il percorso dopo aver inserito tutti i punti di passaggio. Un po’ come fa l’applicazione quando aggiungi per la prima volta un punto intermedio. Sarebbe come reinserire in un percorso che ha inizio e fine tutti i punti

(google) It would be nice to be able to optimize the route after inserting all the waypoints. Kind of like the application does when you first add a waypoint. It would be like reinserting all the points into a path that has a beginning and an end.

Thanks, I am not sure if I understand you correctly. If you are talking about adding a bunch of Waypoints and creating an optimal route from these, that’s unfortunately, not possible right now and not planned in the foreseeable future.

I think you are a programmer? If you are interested, have a look at TSP, what you describe sounds like it: Travelling salesman problem - Wikipedia

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