Open route that Kurviger doesn't recognize

I have found a short section that Kurviger will not route but Google maps will. It’s in the Alki neighborhood in Seattle, WA USA. I am attaching a very short route which shows this problem. One can easily ride the loop smoothly from start to finish and there are no closed sections. As shown in the Kurviger file this path is interrupted and can’t be routed at all. This path is a straight line from shaping point 1 to shaping point 3 and from shaping point 4 to shaping point 5. How can I report that these street sections are open?

ShortAlkiRoute.kurviger (6.2 KB)

Both segments are tagged with motor_vehicle=destination:

This “Indicates that transit traffic using motor vehicles is not allowed”:

Are you sure that transit traffic is allowed on that roads?

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This section is marked as accessible to local traffic only. I rode my motorcycle on this loop today. I could drive my car on it. Google maps knows it. Kurviger does everything in its power to redirect me when I’m on this loop. All through this several block area it tries to make me turn. It’s one of the post-covid “safe” regions in Seattle where the streets are marked “closed” but one can drive on them anyway.

We do follow the tags in OSM and try to follow local rules. If the road is currently closed, then we should not route users over it.

I don’t know the situation on the ground, so I can’t really comment on the local situation. If the tags in OSM are correct, then Kurviger should avoid going there.

Thanks for the replies. I just disagree with the local jurisdiction on marking roads closed that are actually passable. It was interesting to me that Google would let me route that path but Kurviger would not. A minor and insignificant annoyance.

As a Kurviger Tourer, you can actually use the beeline option (the bird icon), to cross sections on your own, if you would like to take a different road.

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Thanks for the tip. I found it. I didn’t realize that was there. It worked perfectly.

I finally got a chance to ride on this route that I set up partly with the bird icon. It works seamlessly with the rest of the route. The voice commands for turns are prompt and correct. As you enter the section routed by the bird icon, however, the voice prompt says,“bee line.” That surprised me a little using a bird icon, but I see you refer to it as the “bee line” option. Thanks again for another feature I now know how to use.