Ok Google or Hallo Galaxy

Hi. I tried to activate voice order like ok google while kurviger is running. It didn’t work.
Any idea why or what to do in order to be able to send a WhatsApp message via voice order while driving?
Thanks for your help

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I think this should be independent from Kurviger. Have you tried this in other apps and confirmed it only doesn’t work in Kurviger? Maybe you need to enable the Google Assistant to run in the background?

Yes you are right. It is not working if there is another app in the front windows. It only works with the main window of android open.
How to activate OK Google to run in the background?

Just for explaining purpose:
I found a app (“Gratis Nachrichtenleser”) which reads incomming WhatsApp messages and it would be nice to answer by WhatsApp while riding. :slight_smile:
Normally while riding kurviger navigation is working and on main screen. So I need OK Google to listen while kurviger navigation in on.

I just found another App: Google Assistant. This one seem to work even when other apps or open (on main screen).
Now I have to find a way to disable it again because I dont want Google to listen to my live all the time. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I just wanted to tell you about Google Assistant. I think either you install it and your phone might be listening all the time or you need to switch apps.

Some headphones have a button that will launch the voice recognition. On my device it works with some of my headphones (usually the ones with 3 buttons, the ones with 1 button don’t seem to work).

yes it seems to be solved. When I change o telefon channel on my headset I can activate OK Google and send for example a WhatsApp message.
But after sending the message the mobile shows the WhatsApp screen and does not return to kurviger.
Is there a chance to bring back the kurviger screen in front after doing something with OK Google?

How the other apps behave with the same workflow?

Same way. Is there a OK Google order to change the active window from Google to something else??

I am happy to hear that you solved the issue by switching the BT channel. I myself don’t use the Google Assistant.

I found an app that might help you. This allows to open apps, so maybe if you install this app and ask Google to launch Kurviger this will work. I haven’t tested it, it’s just an idea :slight_smile:.

Which app is it? Thelink doesnt work.

It works with OK Googlea as well. Just say Starte kurviger pro

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Ok, thanks for the update, so this solves the issue, right?

yes it seems so. :slight_smile:

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