Öffnen mit ... / Open with ... - KurvigerPro missing

My workflow produces .kurviger files (out of the website) in a dropbox directory. On the smartphone I select a file and get a popup with a list of eligible apps like this:

Up to 1.14.4 Kurviger Pro was in this list - now it’s missing … same problem with .gpx files.
Any idea?

What do you use to click the route files, a file manager?

Can you try with Google Files app?
(it can browse the Google Drive)

This is done completely in the dropbox app.
Sure I can move the files to a local (smartphone) directory or use Google Drive instead of Dropbox … but it worked just fine until yesterday.

And it worked with 1.14.3?
Which Android version?

I’m not absolutely sure that it was 1.14.3 … but I’m working this way “since ever”.
In absence of a apk for 1.14.3 I’ll leave the beta installation (that takes a while) and see what happens.
My android version:

Things have changed lately, so cannot know when it worked for you.
Even if it worked in last release, the app’s file browser cannot return.
I will make a possible improvement and we’ll see how it will behave.

it works in 1.13.17 as ever:

unfortunately I can’t try it for a specific beta-version.

Bei mir funktioniert GPX “öffnen mit” mit Version 1.14.4 (Android 11)

What do you use to click the route files, a file manager or a cloud app?

Newer Android has solved most of these program incompatibilities.

Please check Kurviger 1.14.5 (Beta).

What ever you did, it was successful - thanks a lot! :+1:

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