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Offline routing and motorways

As mentioned above, BRouter is intended to help offline rerouting in navigation.

In route planning and when you do not need it,
you can disable it in routing settings.

Ok, now we are talking about the same thing. Thank you.
I was under the impression that you can only set this once globally, namely in the settings for route calculation. I can’t find anything else. Can you help me?
In the settings for navigation I do not see this item.

BR Frank

It is available in “Settings | Routing | Routing service” for all route calculations.

Yes, indeed, for All. Not only for offline rerouting in Navigation when you skip a way point or have a Road block. Then that is fine. And I cannot and do not want to do without this.

But, that’s not the point. It’s about the lack of notification when you have no network and add, delete, move a point. I have quite on longer tours, who does not?
You say “just” take all or nothing
BR Frank

In route planning and when you do not need it,
you can disable it in routing settings.

My guess is that @FraBe is not about the implementation of the BRouter algorithm and its impact on the route, but about unambiguous information when it recalculates the route offline. Here, I reported the need for such information.

It was probably not a good idea to combine Kurviger + BRouter.
(it is also very complicated in maintenance)

It would be better to have only Kurviger or BRouter as options.

And wait Kurviger to implement its offline routing:

So ist es gedacht - während der Navigation.
That’s how it is intended - during navigation.

Im Gegensatz zu:
As opposed to:

Das ist Routenplanung; da wird die ganze Route neu berechnet!
This is route planning; the whole route is recalculated!

from a user perspective I like the idea of automatic switch to offline rerouting in case there is no internet. I also like the fact that in this case only part of the route is recalculated.

Maybe it would help, to prevent planning mode while navigation is running?
Or maybe not allow BRouter planning mode when combination (Kurviger + BRouter) is selected?

Exactly, offline routing guide describes it clearly.

It is as simple as pre-selecting the routing service(s) before any action.

  • Select Kurviger in route planning
  • Select Kurviger + BRouter in navigation (if you need it)

Hi all,

Sorry, this is not the solution!
Yes, I can disable BRouter and then? If there is any restriction (skip waypoint, or roadblock) then I stop driving, take off gloves, enable BRouter, have route recalculated, turn BRouter off again and continue driving?
With 6 motorcycles riding behind me?
Because the current function is really good!
What is not good, and that’s the point, is that there is no info when I delete, move, add a point, and just have no net.
There is a query in the code anyway, right? Then why not add a small info window, which simply tells you (“no net, should BRouter step in?”).
Sorry, I don’t understand.

Kind regards

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… No answer?
BR Frank

Yes, the offline routing guide does.
But do you think that’s the solution? I don’t.
Because there is only one simple query that would be needed.
Then everything would be perfect.
BR Frank
But ok, you don’t want