Numbers at Waypoints

Hallo, was bedeuten die Zahlen an Wegpunkten?
Hi, what are the meanings of the numbers shown at waypoints?

Das ist einfach die Reihenfolge der WP.
Zuerst 1 dann 2 dann 3 … :cowboy_hat_face:

This is simply the order of the WP.
First 1 then 2 then 3 … :cowboy_hat_face:


Und was bedeuten die km-Angaben und Zeit-Angaben?
And what about the numbers regarding km and duration?

  • Distance / time to previous / next via point
  • Distance / time to start / destination
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Just to avoid misunderstanding
One of my waypoints:
256,7km, 4:21 - 157,7km, 3:00
535,7km, 9:08 - 524,6km, 10:52

What does this mean?

256,7km, 4:21: to previous waypoint
157,7km, 3:00: to next waypoint
535,7km, 9:08: to start
524,6km, 10:52: to destination

Is this correct?

  • Distance, time to previous via point - Distance, time to next via point
  • Distance, time to start - Distance, time to destination

Great. Thanks.