No voice instructions at all

I cannot find any other question like mine in the forum, so nobody has this problem and I must be doing something very stupid. But here’s the thing. I recently bought Kurviger Pro and installed it on my Android (Sony Xperia) Everything seems to work fine, but I can’t get any voice instructions. I hear absolutely nothing. In the settings ‘spoken instructions’ is on, ‘audio output’ is on media/music audio (but I have tried telephone audio as well), but no voice instructions from Kurviger.
The phone works well, other apps generate audio normally.
Please tell me, what am I doing wrong?


Is Google Text-to-Speech installed in the device?
And does it have installed the wanted language?


I did not have TTS. I do now. The default language of the device is Dutch, which is right for me. Should it work now?

If see app UI and turn instructions in Dutch and there is also the Dutch language installed in Google Text-to-Speech, then it should work.

I installed Google TTS and it didn’ t work, or so I thought… So I removed TTS from my phone and when I wanted to download it again, I found, that I had installed the wrong app. There are two TTS apps in the playstore that look very much alike, and I had installed the wrong one. Now I have the right one, and my Kurviger seems to work fine! It was after all my own fault. So thanks for bearing with me!


For future reference, we summarized some tips for Text-to-Speech in the Frequently Asked Questions.