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No voice guidance

Hello, I have subscribed to Kurviger for one year. I installed the android application.
How do I transfer a route created on my PC to my phone? I did it by email but I guess there is a direct transfer. Then, when I launch the route, there is no voice guide. The voice guide box is checked in the settings and the sound works on my phone (music, google maps …) I have to wait for the 8 free days and the beginning of the subscription? I need the voice guide tomorrow, my first route is ready …


I’m french, thank’s to DeepL for english ! :wink:

Please see the documentation for how to transfer routes within the Kurviger universe.

About the voice navigation, it uses the device’s installed text-to-speech engine.

You need to install Google Text-to-Speech app with your language voice data
and enable it in Android language settings.

Google text-to-speach is already installed. During a live test, the blue arrow moves correctly but when I leave the planned route, the position of the car remains correct but no alert message, no recalculation of the route is made or proposed. This is not provided by the application?

Transfert of files.kuviger by mail is easy and safe, no problem.


Rerouting is enabled by default and can be adjusted in navigation settings.
When you go off route there are screen and voice alerts.

If you use only the Kurviger routing, then it needs internet connection.
Or you can also use the offline routing, see the offline routing guide.

You can read more details in the manual.

hello, i’ve solved the audio problem, bad optout in the settings.

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hello, it works !!
I was misled by the start sign of the route. (For me the white arrow on green background is to click and the interruption of the route is the crossed out button).
In fact, it’s the opposite! I am very stupid :slight_smile: