No mapping for Jeffersonville, VT

At least one of your points seem to miss coordinates or an address.

No mapping for around Jeffersonville, Vermont Country Road 108, Smuggler’s Notch . . .

Just notifying of a potential bug.

What do you mean with “No mapping”?
This should be Jeffersonville VT:

Please always include a link of a short route example.

The search fields must not be empty!


Thank you. By “no mapping” I meant that Kurvinger wasn’t recognizing any addresses in and around the Jefferson, VT, area, but you’ve managed to get it to work, so it must be a problem on my end.

For example, when I put in this address, “87 Edwards Rd, Jeffersonville, VT 05464, United States,” I don’t get a match. That led me to trying other addresses nearby, but nothing was recognized using either GraphHopper or OpenRouteService.

I can do a workaround but was prompted by the program to report the issue here.

Well, the search function of Kurviger is not perfect.
My workaround is to avoid to specific search terms.
E.g instead of "87 Edwards Rd, Jeffersonville, VT 05464, United States,” I try first just “Jeffersonville, VT”

Unfortunately the search is known to have some limitations.

First of all, not alle housenumbers are tagged in OSM, for Edwards Road, I think there are actually none :frowning:. The second thing is, Edwards Road seems to be tagged in Cambridge.

So searching for Edwards Rd, 05464, Cambridge works with GraphHopper.