No Longer Does Long Routes

I used to be able to enter two points that were separated by several US states and get interesting routes between. Now I just get the following…

The route calculation seems to take very long. You can try resolving this by shortening your route, adding a waypoint between your current waypoints or using a different route profile.

(Debug information, this helps us helping you, you can remove this if you don’t want to share this data, it should not contain any personal or sensitive information)
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Screen: 412 x 892 px - 3.5dppx Chicago - San Francisco
Long enough?

Yet, when I try between Rochester, MN, and Asheville, NC, it times out.

Hello Jerry,
such a long distance is at the limit of possibilities (>1000 mil).
It is better to divide the routing into smaller sections.
So that the algorythm does not reach its limits.
I try it and works, but it is near to the limits

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Hi Jerry, very nice bike you got there in your profile :+1:
@hampic_hamburg has basically already said everything there is to say. Let me just add also that we are a very small company with a small app and big hopes for the future. We have to actually protect ourselves against server costs becoming too high, so there has to be a limit on calculation time somewhere, sorry


Thanks, it’s a BMW S1000XR. I understand re expectations and will change the way I do my routing. I just wanted to point out the change in case it was fixable.