No display of accommodations in POIs in the web version

Hello, I’m still using the free version of KURVIGER to try it out. Unfortunately, despite activation, no accommodations are shown to me in the POIs. Is this because it’s free? All other POIs are displayed. Thanks in advance.

Hi Peter, did you make sure that the “accomodation” box is enabled in the POI settings?

Also please note that we don’t have that many hotels entered into the system yet, so you’ll have to check in an area where there are actually some, like in the south of Germany, Austria or Italy

The POI Settings are definitively available in the free version


Hello Patrick, thank you very much for your help. The “Accommodations” option was activated. I didn’t find any in the area I was looking for (the area of the former GDR), there were some further west.

Hi there,

What is the hotel POI dB based on.
I only see very little Entry’s.

As a workaround you can add OSM POIs as described in Overpass Turbo POIs (please see also “Predefined Overpass Turbo queries”)