New Zealand: Kaitaia <->Mangamuka / no routing

On the northern island of new zealand on state highway 1 it’s not possible to create a route between Kaitaia and Mangamuka directly. Near Mangamuka Summit approx. 1 km direction west (nearby Ramseys Bridge) it’s shown that the road is interrupted. But that’s not true. It’s something with a car park but not on the road. I think it’s a püroblem with the roadmap not with the program. But Maybe you can fix it or inform the one who’s responsable. It’s not the end of the world but still boring when you try to plan your tour and the program will sent you a deviation of 80 km thats not necessary.
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I have written to the mapper responsible.

Here is the answer:

“Hi, parts of the road have been destroyed by slips and the road will be closed for repairs until December: | NZTA Journey Planner