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New phone PRO

Hi, I got a new phone and can’t seem to download the PRO without having to pay agian…
Furthermore, when I want to IMPORT a route the app brings me to the webpage telling me to buy the PRO if I want to use the IMPORT. But I HAVE purchased the PRO and am using it (on my old phone). Version 1.14.18.
HOW can I get the PRO version on my NEW phone (Andriod).

Kurviger Pro app is no longer public on Google Play.
Current owners can find it in their Google Play library.

If you have purchased it in the past,
please follow the Google Play Help instructions to reinstall it.

(use the same Google Account and select “Not installed” apps)

I have followd the instructions, made sure I have the same google account but it still does not work.

Is there a restriction on how many devices I may install Pro?

Google Play purchases and installations are handled by Google.
There are no known restrictions by them.

Many users have followed the process and reinstalled the app.
But you must follow Google Play Help instructions (with same Google Account).

Have you selected to see the “Not installed” apps?

Thank you for the last screenshot. I got it installed!

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