Neue "Tourentipps" vorschlagen

Good Morning!

i can find many “Tourentipps” in frequently preferred areas, but not in supposedly boring, flat regions like netherlands, Ruhrgebiet, Münsterland aso
I find that sad, because these regions also have a lot to offer, but still unknown to many bikers.

It is possible to add some new routes in “Tourentipps” by myself or or where can I suggest new routes?

Du kannst hier deine Routen posten!

Dear Max, i know this site but its not that what i meant.

In the map you can choose poi, i.e. here Tourentipps.

In some areas you find no icons, in other regions 20 and more.

In the area with no icons some people could think, that this area is absolut uninterresting for bikes??

I live between Venlo NL und Duisburg. There are many interresting, beautiful routes. Ok, no mountains or endless curves, but other landmarks and fantastic landcapes. I missing icons in areas like this.

What you can do is to post the route here in the forum and let us know that you would like to also show this route on our website. If the route meets the criteria, we can show it on our website.

In general: The route needs at least an image (where you have the necessary rights) and a description and the route itself should be a good route. So yeah, curvy roads are good, but maybe even a nice recommended stop or something like that and we can usually publish this on our website/app :slight_smile: