Navigation in landscape

Hi guys, first of all i want to congratulate you for then exellent job you do. Now my imagination to make it a more step better. We all don’t drive teslas with kurviger navigation, for that we have lack of screenarea. So have a look at this

The red marked areas should disappeare after a few seconds in navigation mode, and appear again when the screen is touched. The yellow mark mean to shrink the borders around the informations. The blue means the camera area, it cannot be used. The green arrows mean, move the areas close to the edges.
But consider it’s complaining on a very high comfort level. If you find time and pleasure, think about it.

have a nice easter

This seems to be more of a special feature of your device.

It looks like this for me:

Thanks a lot for proposing this. Unfortunately different devices/manufacturers interpret these things differently. We do have this on our list to see what we can do about this further.

The issue with actual full screen in Android is that it can be a bit complicated to leave the full screen mode again.