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My definitive Harz-Day-Tour

So, last weekend I went riding in the Harz, northern Germany. We arrived late Friday evening, after work. Then we got up at around 10 a.m. on Saturday and did this:

Length: about 250km
Profile: All asphalt, no gravel. About 70% wide, curvy, flowy 100km/h main roads, 30% secluded paths and Singletrails

This is my new “default” day-trip there. I personally guarantee you that you’ll have fun on this one, the whole way through. Yes you could fine-tune some stuff more, yes you can probably find just a tiny bit more good stuff out there. But this route will give you the most bang for the buck. It’s a good default, from which to start.

All roads on this tour are guaranteed to be well-paved. I left out Allrode -> Treseburg on purpose, as well as St. Andreasberg eastern village exit. Those are awesome on paper, very cool fight-style tight bends, but the asphalt is just such sh*t, it’s not worth it for a relaxed weekend cruise. If you want to give your BMW GS the paces and like being shaken around 5% of your day trip, you should include those two

I did not take many pictures, I’m not Robin who seems to have his personal photographer around at all times :smiley:
But… no pics no clicks, so here we go:
Our bikes:

St. Andreasberg:

Torfhaus (with Brocken view):

Things to note:
Marker 5: steepest road in the Harz, very funny
Marker 6: Summer sledding, very cool
Marker 14: Torfhaus, huge biker meeting spot
Start and end: Altenau, my personal recommendation for best price-value rooms to stay

On Sunday we had brunch here near Marker 14 (food is quite ok, as good as you would expect from an all-you-can-eat-buffet), then drove around a bit more and started on the Autobahn towards home at noon. A well-rounded weekend all in all :slight_smile:


That’s actually hard work :smiley:

Thanks for the nice report!