Munich - Mittlerer Ring

I use Mittlerer Ring (B2R) in Munich quite a lot, but the routing there is just awful. Navigation is always trying to lead you off of it, even if the fast and curvy route is selected. When choosing the fastest route, it is better, but at some points it’s still trying to lead you a wrong way. E.g. at the crossing of Dachauer Straße and Mittlerer Ring navigation is always telling you to leave Mittlerer Ring, which is nonsense.
I don’t know if it is due to the fact that B2R is having many tunnels/going above and below many other roads what can be confusing or something else.
Has anybody experienced the same issues?

Here is an example:
B2R example


Thanks for sharing this example.

The routing in big cities like Munich can be suboptimal. I can add this route example on our testing list and see if we can improve the routing here. I do have one or two ideas that might help - but I can’t promise anything :slight_smile:.