More additional information while navigating

The following information can already be displayed during route recording:

  • speed limit and current speed
  • current height
  • battery level
  • time

Will there be more to come in the future?
Personally, I would like to see:

  • distance traveled
  • travel time

Ok, thanks for letting us know. Who else would need this kind of information?

Out of curiosity, why would you need this info and why would it support you while riding?

They are simply additional information that I find nice-to-have.
I only reset the trip odometer when I refuel and sometimes I don’t start with a full tank, so I can’t see the kilometers I’ve driven on the tour at first glance.
It would be nice for me to see the time I’ve driven so that I can take a break more often. I’m usually a bit careless and never stop until the tank is empty…especially in summer, sometimes not really good for hydration and nutrition.
I’m working on myself and with the information I would have a better overview and perhaps stop more often for a break and a mouthful of water.

Perhaps other users also have ideas about what information they would like to have that I don’t need.

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Gefahrene km und Zeit, ja das hab ich mir auch schon gewünscht. Wenn Mitfahrende nach 200 km tanken müssen oder alle Stunde na Pause wollen, wäre es damit einfacher.


Thanks for letting us know, please keep the feedback coming if you need this :+1:. We will keep this in our radar and see how many requests we get for this.


I’m leaving my vote here as well, I’d love distance traveled and time traveled, those are frequent topics of conversation in the headset with my wife :slight_smile:

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my Iphone runs on IOS and my route recording is on standard. I don’t see any speed limits or speed indication.
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This is currently still missing for the iOS app, but will be aded soonish.