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I use the tracking service in my iPad. unfortunately a specific version for mobile web has never been developed. using the service on ipad with the bowser is almost impossible (for example the absence of a pointer and the need to use your fingers to select points on the map). I ask if the development of a version for the mobile bowser is planned. thanks

At this point a different version for mobile browsers is not planned, if there are specific issues I am happy to have a look at them and see how they can be improved. I use the website regularly on different mobile devices. While it is not optimized for touch devices it still works reasonably well IMHO.

You could for example try to use a stylus if that’s an option?

the biggest difficulties arise from the absence of a crosshair to select the points on the map and the size of the buttons and fields on the left (which could take the whole screen from top to bottom and not just the top). As you suggested, If I buy an apple pencil to select points and buttons, does it work? Thanks for your help

You should be able to change the size on the left. You might need to switch to the desktop site (that’s a setting in your mobile browser).

I don’t have any hands on experience with the Apple Pencil. I would assume that it works. I was referring to something like this. I assume they also work with iPads. They already help quite a lot to precisely tap on the screen.

Maybe someone has an Apple Pencil and can verify that it works?

I understand what you mean. I’ll try! Thanks

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You can use stylus or mouse (with Bluetooth - USB dongle also works but you need proper accesories to iPad).
I’m working on iPad Air 4 with iPadOS 14.3 and Logitech Crayon - cheaper alternative to Apple Stylus if you’re not in a graphic/painting business :wink:

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I bought a USB-lightning adapter and i use a USB-mouse: it works geat!

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