Missing street in maps

I have driven a planned route that has been checked beforehand to ensure that all waypoints are correctly placed on the road. The route was imported as itn (Navcore 9.5) on TT550.

However, at waypoint 20 (village: Grünenplan) there was a spur road to the right and my TT indicated to drive into it to reach the waypoint.

I knew that my waypoint setting was correct and so I was looking for that problem.

First picture → Map Kurviger Liberty

Second picture → Openstreetmap

Third map - Esri Streets, there is shown the road.

Now to my questions:

  1. Why is the card material different ( Esri <-> Liberty, OMS)
  2. Does the maintenance of OSM also include adding new roads?
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Yes, of course!

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Bei verschiedenen Kartenansichten (“Esri Satellite” und “OpenStreetMap DE (FAU)”) in Kurviger (und OSM) ist zu erkennen, dass bei der “Untere Hilsstrasse” die Zufahrt zum hinteren Haus sowie die Hausnr. des hinteren Hauses (Nr “16a” lt. Google Maps) fehlt. Kurzlink: Kurviger

Edit: In obigen Screenshots wurde von mir die Hausnr. 16a sowie die fehlende Zufahrt (Strasse) gestrichelt hinzugefügt.

Edit2: Zufahrten (Straßen, Wege?) zu Häusern in zweiter (oder dritter Reihe) sind in OSM häufig nicht eingezeichnet. Habe jetzt nicht geprüft, ob das bei anderen Kartenanbietern öfter oder besser geregelt ist.


Here after the blue garbage can to the right

To me this looks like a driveway
Do you think that should be added to OSM?
Anyway, I added it, as it can be seen in the legal OSM aerial imagery.

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Sure :wink:
As you can see my WP 20 was set on the main street. I don’t know why… the waypoint was shown in that small road. My friend, who use a Garmin XT had the same display…

It always makes sense to store everything in OSM. It was just unclear to me that also new roads are a part of it.

Thanx for your support :blush: :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: