Missing offline routing in the Kurviger Tourer plus

I bought the Kurviger Tour Plus app and played around with it a bit. What I immediately noticed: the complete lack of offline routing, which means that even if I have downloaded maps, I absolutely need a network connection to create a route and, even worse, if I leave the route there is no recalculation if there is no data connection. what’s the point of something like that? You often have no reception or are traveling in countries with very high connection fees. the old kurviger version still had the option of using the Brouter. Is something like this ever planned for the Kurviger Tourer plus? Otherwise, all that remains is to create the route with a data connection in the kurviger, then export it to my beloved Locus map, because everything works offline there. Many greetings from Tobias

This is the current situation. The desire for offline routing/calculation is known and once the previous points have been dealt with, this issue will also be addressed.

Hi, this has been discussed before here, but frankly I am too lazy to read through the whole forum. I read a little bit about this issue on this forum, but it didn’t help me much.
So, I have a Tourer+ subscription, I have downloaded offline maps onto my device of the whole of western Europe, but I cannot do offline routing while travelling.
So for example, Riding my bike across France last summer, somewhere during the afternoon I decide to scrap the route I put in that morning, because progress was too slow or the weather changed dramatically up ahead, and I want to put in a new route at the roadside to take me in a different direction. My device (Carpe Iter) has gps, all the maps are downloaded offline, Kurviger sees my location, but won’t calculate a different route because I have no internet connection at that moment. That is just weird to me. If you buy a TomTom or Garmin or whatever, it also has the maps stored in the device, it also has a gps, and it calculates routes wherever you are. Why can’t Kurviger do the same?

Hi ccwn, you’ve identified correctly that the device has GPS and the maps, but there is one crucial puzzle piece missing: The algorithm to actually calculate where to go.

Bringing this algorithm from the cloud over to the mobile device is an incredibly difficult task, which is why a huge company like TomTom or Garmin can do it, but the small 4-person Kurviger team not so easily.

For now this is not a high priority for us, as we need to get other important features on the road first

Aha! now at least I understand why the option is not there. Thanks for your clarity and honesty!


Thank you for this awesome navigation app, this was exactly what I was searching for!

I’ve already offline maps but I’m missing a lot of turns and without Internet connection there’s no new route. This is really a problem for me and I’d like to know if this is coming in a future update.

Thanks again and best regards!

Hi Fabian, thanks for the kind words.
Offline navigation is available on Tourer+, but offline planning / rerouting is not, please see my answer above for why that is the case :slight_smile: