Menu language errors

Hi! Maybe I’m just an a## but something has been keeping me busy for some time. The words you use in het Dutch version of the website planner menu.

I suppose:

  1. ‘nar’ has to be ‘naar’. A ‘nar’ was some sort of medieval joker, often seen in royal courts etc.

  2. the word ‘volgende’ means ‘next’. So I think you mean ‘te volgen’ which is best translated as ‘the route to follow’.

So, nothing urgent, but I spotted it al long time ago and it keeps me distracted since then, every time I open the menu :smirk:


Not at all, this is really helpful!

Ah yes, that is probably a typo and will be fixed soon :+1:

What is meant is that the waypoints are moved to the closest road. The english translation is Snaps every waypoint to the closest street. How would you translate this to Dutch?

The dutch translation of this would be:

Zet alle markers op de dichtstbijzijnde weg

Hope this helps tou out al little bit. Questions are always welcome.


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Thanks a lot @Musontheroad :tada:. The updated translation should be available in the next hours on Kurviger.