Map update

Looking on the download site for the offline maps it looks like they have last been updated in february this year. This means they would be 3 months “old”. Is this correct?

How often are they normally updated? I believe to remember that it used to be every 2-3 weeks.


Usually the maps should be updated monthly, so they usually shouldn’t be older than 2 months. Due to the introduction of the routing files, the process is currently a bit slower than usual, but I expect that we get back to monthly updates soon.

The routing data of the Kurviger server is updated weekly.

Jus a brief update, the latest map update went through, so new data is available.

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Thanks for the update.

Hi all,

many offline maps are from 11/20. When is a map update provided?


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GraphHopper routing files are no longer needed.
Their production can be stopped and removed from the server.

Thank you :motorcycle:

There are also many offline map providers compatible with the app.

It will be much more convenient when you can also use their map styles: