Map rotation mode - next turn point up

My good old Garmin had three map rotation modes. We have two of them in Kurviger (north up, direction up), but for me the best was the third - the next turn point up. So in our case to the next “yellow dot” on the route, after reaching the current one. As I wrote, it was the most comfortable and legible for me, and in addition, by minimizing the rotation of the map, perhaps the least requiring power from the device.

I am aware of the disadvantages of such a solution: in an extreme case, the cursor of our direction could be pointing down, for example. I saw it on the serpentine several times, but then I rarely had time to look at the screen. That’s just only between turning points. In the vast majority of cases, it works great (especially on roundabouts where the map goes crazy in case of direction up mode).

How do you view it? Would you like to consider implementing such a solution in the future?

Simply NO - I’d never use it. (Just my 2 pence.)