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Map attribution

is the goal screen protection for OLED displays? then yes, why not. But does this then also hide the copyright text? It should I would say.

Are there map apps / websites that hide the attribution text?
(it is a prerequisite for the use of their maps)

Map scale in some implementations appears when needed.
Like when touching the screen to zoom in / out.

As option, like the compass and the other buttons on screen.

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I do not know if that helps or if that has any legal relevance, but OpenLayers library has a feature to make the attribution collapsible.


I used that in former versions of gpxshaping (bottom right of the map):
Test route in old version 210715

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Screen protection could be reached also by alternating positions of attribution (e.g. each 2min, left->middle->right bottom, perhaps stepwise pixel by pixel).

But - of course - that might have a negative impact on the “look”.

From my point of view I would prefer alternating positions (I am thinking about buying a mobile phone with OLED display) - the attribution is small and does not disturb.

These features exist but they are mostly considered to be not compatible with the OSM license. OpenStreetMap

There are many discussions about this. For openlayers there is for example this discussion: Contradiction between collapsible docs and OSM source · Issue #8621 · openlayers/openlayers · GitHub

OSM is a bit loosely with their requirement.

For a browsable electronic map, the credit should appear in the corner of the map.

Some people like to argue that a collapsing element in the corner is doing that. Others argue that this is not the intention of the license.


Thanks for the hint - I will set collapsible=false in the provided old versions (backup).

In versions of October 2021 and newer the attribution (depending in used map type) is shown not collapsible in any case.

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