Many "potentially closed road" intervals if OSM data incomplete

Kurviger shows a lot of potentially closed road intervals, if there are missing restriction definitions in OSM data.


Especially between waypoint #1 and destination (Hahntennjoch road).

Those intervals are due to some road segments without restriction data, example:

One way to solve this is entering the missing restriction data in that intervals, of course - I plan to do it for Hahntennjoch road .

But nevertheless a question (I am lazy :wink: ): Would it be possible to omit such short segments in kurviger and summarize the restricted roads to one segment?

I have no good idea how to decide, if a segemnt is a “short” segment - perhaps a segment length threshold, or a beeline thresold between ent of previous closed segment and start of next closed segment.

Perhaps anyone has a better idea … what do you think ?

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This is a known issue :slight_smile:. Right now I’d say it can help identify issues in the OSM data.

I fully agree that it would appear nicer if these segments would be merged into one long segment. This is certainly something we can think about, but there are a few potential issues with this, so I am. not 100% sure we should do this.

For example it could happen that we merge two different restrictions, for example a weekend and a winter closure and only show the winter closure, because that’s the first one. Right now we can’t distinguish them well enough in the data to do that.

Ok - thanks for the feedback. So I will start adding the restriction tags to the “gaps” - of course this will “destroy” the example given above :wink: :

But checking the gaps in my routes I found a problem: In the route

there is a gap in the middle:

But investigating the route segments on OSM it seems that all road segments have the tag

motorcycle:conditional = no @ (apr-oct AND >95db)

Can anybody explain to me why kurviger starts a new closed road segment there ?

Thanks in advance


Perhaps, because there is a short segment with no closure remark (e.g. no entry at motorcycle:conditional as in the neighboured segments):

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Hmmm - You are right: The tag “motorcycle:conditional = no @ (apr-oct AND >95db)” should be set - I just did it.

But that segment is some Kilometers away from the segment linked in the closed road information in Kurviger … :thinking:

We will see, if it changes.

I think I understood: The link in the closed road information in Kurviger does not necessaryly lead to the first closed road segment of a potentially closed route segment, but to any closed road segment of of a potentially closed route segment - perhaps this might be improved to make it easier to find the cause of gaps …

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