Managing Rides and Folders

Hi all, with regard to moving rides from folder to folder I would find it very useful if the 4 options from the … were already displayed on the page. Seems to be plenty of room below Overwrite …

Or even if they were in the drop down on the list of rides screen to save going to this screen.

I think it was like that before the big update.


Thanks for letting us know. Are you using this feature that often? Or are you regularly mass moving routes? Maybe you could provide a bit more info why you would need this to be more prominent.

It’s not often. I will plan a bunch of rides and put them in a Future Rides folder then I will ride them and forget for a while and every so often go thru them and move them.

The is a 3 dots pop up next to each route so it’s seems cleaner to put those options in there.

In a typical mass move use case one would be able to Select all the items and them choose Move.


Yes, so that was our reason to move this to a bit less prominent position.

Yes, moving multiple routes at once would certainly be a good addition :+1: